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Peter Kölcze with a Lego grand piano in his hands

Address: Peter Kölcze, Am Mühlenfeld 23, 51491 Overath, Germany

Email: Email address as image file


I have studied piano but I am now working part time in a federal office in Cologne, Germany.

Unfortunately, I have been working and programming too much instead of playing the piano.
My Sudoku program is really nice, though:

Sudoku house Sudoku spiral Sudoku heart

Source code: Sudoku.txt

The source code turns into a working program if you save Sudoku.txt on your computer, rename Sudoku.txt to Sudoku.ahk and install AutoHotkey. You can get AutoHotkey here:

And I'd like to share these videos:

Sudoku tree Sudoku autumn tree Sudoku fir trees

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