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Peter Kölcze with a Lego grand piano in his hands

Address: Peter Kölcze, Am Mühlenfeld 23, 51491 Overath, Germany

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I have studied piano but I am now working part time in a federal office in Cologne, Germany.

Unfortunately, I have been working and programming too much instead of playing the piano.
My Sudoku program is really nice, though:

Sudoku in the form of a house spiral Sudoku Sudoku in the form of a heart with red numbers

Source code: Sudoku.txt

The source code turns into a working program if you save Sudoku.txt on your computer, rename Sudoku.txt to Sudoku.ahk and install AutoHotkey. You can get AutoHotkey here:

And I'd like to share these videos:

In 2006 I had 30000 € debts. My parents had always had debts, after my music studies I had debts for my stipend, after my public administration studies I took out a loan to get my 20-years-old Bechstein grand piano overhauled, etc. etc.
I intended to pay back my debts in 5 years, it took me 10 years in the end. I payed my installments but I overdrew my account and every year I took out a new loan to balance my account.
So I know this behaviour from myself and I recognize it in the "fight" against climate change.
Year after year we miss our climate targets, we organize new climate conferences, we pledge to reduce our CO2-emissions, but we don't.
My debts were real for me. At the end of the month I didn't get money from the cash machine any more and I had to manage with a few Euros. The climate crisis isn't real for most people. The cars keep going, the airplanes keep flying, there's still electricity coming out of the sockets, you can still buy everything in the shops and the news are always full of catastrophes, anyway.
It's like 2000 years ago, people don't know what they are doing, as if there had been no Age of Enlightenment. People wouldn't believe that the Titanic could sink until it had and they won't really believe that the earth's climate could hit a tipping point until it has.

Please listen to Greta Thunberg.

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